Titanium Miyata on eBay

I've got an ongoing ebay search for "Miyata Titanium," but it's extremely rare to get any notifications that something's been posted that matches that criteria. Yesterday I got the third alert since I started looking for titanium miyatas, and it's a beauty:

It's the same model I have from 1992, but in marginally better shape and slightly larger. I'm really tempted to put in a bid - I've long been needlessly paranoid that my bike is too small.

A really cool note about this eBay listing is that it includes a special CO2 air bottle attachment that mounts to a boss on the down tube. I only recently learned that this is what the boss is for, and that it's actually called an "air bottle basement". That would make an excellent band name, but in the meantime, it sounds way more awesome than what I thought it was. I thought for a long time that it was for a "flickstand" that would hold your wheel when you parked it. That's dorky in a serious way.

I'm broke, so I probably won't bid. I couldn't really afford it's current price @ 190.50 with 6 days to go. I'll be really interested to see what this ends up going for. I bought mine on craigslist last year for $200.

It was well worth it. These are absolutely beautiful bikes that are wonderful to ride.