What is this about?

I want to say a few words to clarify the intent of this blog. Mostly, this is for myself - I've got a couple of dead blog attempts floating out there on the internet, and part of the blame for that is lack of subject focus. Also (and more importantly) I don't have a lot of drive, but I've got quite a bit of ambition.

So I want sprawlers to be a collection of my ideas and critiques of the built environment. I'm an intern architect in Philadelphia. I want to write about what I know, but even more I want to write to hone my focus as a designer. I'm not a wholesale subscriber to most of the architectural movements that exist out there, like new urbanism, non-linear systems, high-performance building, or prefab. I do feel quite passionate about buildings and cities that suck (here's a clue - it's mostly phony shit), but I realize that people who only take negative positions are empty. I also don't mind getting carried away, like when Geoff Manaugh riffs on some absurd urban fantasy. I think progress in anything requires the acceptance of the absurd.

Alright, there's a working model.

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