Favorites from the Philadelphia Car Show

A vintage Subaru 360
Beautiful! A white Subaru FF1 - a real salaryman's car.

A Subaru BRAT - much better lines and headlights than the BRATs from the eighties.

A Classic Cord, also notable as the Bruce Wayne car from the animated series.

The Smart Car. Trendy for good reason. It's got reasonable mileage and it's easier to park than anything out there.

The Pontiac Solstice - good proportions and it looks like fun to drive.

The Ford/Airstream Concept Vehicle - finally, my friends might like me! No seriously, I like that this concept challenges the conventions of occupying a vehicle.

And finally, the Dodge Charger. I'm not a big fan of anything big, especially not modern retro American muscle cars. But I like this car's lines. Plus I'm a sucker for Le Creuset Red.
Finally, here's a shot of the main entrance to the Philadelphia Convention Center, which is the beautiful old Train Shed for Reading Railroad. Once the dignified front door to the city via passenger train, it's obsolescence now makes it only occasionally useful as a showroom for the latest automobiles.
There is no irony here, though. The Reading Terminal was rendered obsolete by improvement to the Philadelphia rail system in the 1980's when the Center City Commuter Tunnel unified all the existing train lines. Cars had nothing to do with it's current state.

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