More Miyata Titanium

Right after the bike race. I broke the law by wading into the Logan Circle Fountain, but on a day as hot as that, who would care?

Notice that I've completed the transfer of components from my old Centurion. I also found a great deal on craigslist: an almost complete Shimano Sora component group (just missing the bottom bracket) for 60 bucks. Currently, the thing is sort of a Frankenstein hybrid - 600 calipers, cranks, and derailleurs; Dura Ace bottom bracket and hubs, some strange "T System 1" quill stem, an unidentifiable headset, narrow Nitto handlebars, and Sora shifters. The rims don't match either, and that's the thing that probably bugs me the most.

Meanwhile, the Centurion languishes in the basement, waiting impatiently for a summer resurrection that may never happen.

So far, I think I have spent around 500 dollars, which is way more than I wanted. I could not resist that frame, and now this bike has become something of a love object. And when you act out of love, any cost can be justified.

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abot said...

still got the bike?