Miyata Team Titanium Update

I'm really pleased with the latest round of upgrades. A while back I said something like "I wouldn't be happy until I spent another $600" on this bicycle. Let's see if I'm getting close. Here's the upgrades that I've done since that post:

1. Rear derailleur Dura Ace rd-7402: $25 off of craigslist.
2. Double crankset Dura Ace FC-7400: $50 including shipping from ebay
3. Hutchinson Fusion 2 ultra 700x23c tires: $65 including shipping for the pair from ebay
4. Velo Orange Grand Cru Sealed Cartridge 1" threaded headset: $45 including shipping
5. Velo Orange Sewn on Elkhide Bar covers: $30 including shipping
6. Velo Orange Saddle Model 6, Natural: $85 including shipping
7. 3TTT Synthesis Quill Stem 80mm: $45 including shipping from repartocorse.com
8. Cristophe Chrome toe clips and leather straps: I got these with a group, so let's call it $8
9. Two Elite Ciussi Water Bottle Cages: $16 including shipping off of ebay

Okay, so far that's $369. Wow, I can't believe I spent that much.

Now Let's see what I'm still itching to swap out:

1. Dura Ace ST-7400 2x8 shifters (I'm still sporting Soras): $80 to $160 on ebay
2. Dura Ace BR-7402 Caliper brakes: around $30 on ebay
3. Dromarti Sportivo SPD leather Cycling shoes: $225
4. Shimano PD-M540 pedals: around $50 on ebay

Total for this wishlist: $465. Christ, I really need to watch myself.

Total for everything in this post so far: $834. This is not including anything in that previous post, where I said I'd already spent about $600. This might end up being a $1400 bicycle.

That's not an entirely fair total, because a lot of the components I've been swapping out, so I need to deduct them from the total. But until I sell those components off, this is the true expense of my obsession. I can't believe I ride this thing to work.

Anyway, here's a photo I took after my ride up to Manayunk yesterday.

The new tires make the whole thing look like a ghost. I love it.

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