This awful obsession

I'm getting resentful of my tenacious focus on bicycles and parts. Last night I went down to South Philly to buy a couple of shifters from some temple kid. I was convinced I was getting a good price - a dura ace right STI 7400 shifter that works plus a couple of shimano downtube shifters. $30. I went through with the transaction, but when I got home I noticed that the STI shifter needs to be held in a certain way for all the gears to click through. Unfortunately, I was holding it that way when I clicked through last night.

Well, fuck. I am trying to get my money back. Let's see what this temple student's ideas of fairness are.

In other news, I bought a functioning pair of STI shifters on ebay this week. They're beautiful, just a couple of small scratches, but the chrome looks great. I was hoping to just swap them out on my handlebars with the sora shifters. But it turns out they use pretty different mounting systems. I'm going to have to take off the leathers to put them on.

And since I'm going to the troube of removing the leathers, I'm thinking I should really swap out the stem, which has always been a bit short. But finding a nice looking stem in all the right dimensions is next to impossible. Really.

So, my bike obsession is taking its toll. I'm getting sick of all the time spent on the internet or looking over the miyata, but still I can't help myself.

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